How to suscribe

Through your financial institution

You may subscribe to our funds through a securities account, life insurance, or PEA (for eligible funds) by providing your regular financial advisor with the ISIN code of the Montpensier Finance UCITS under Montpensier Finance management that you are interested in investing in.

Your institution will be able to provide you with guidance with respect to your constraints and objectives.

(See disclaimer below)

Through your independent financial advisor

Your independent financial advisor can inform you on products that are most suited to your investor profile.

You may indicate the ISIN code of the UCITS managed by Montpensier Finance that interests you, and he will be able to inform you with respect to your objectives and limitations.

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How to find the ISIN code of a fund

You can visit the Fund page and find the code under general information, 

Your contact

Mahshid Dumanois

Investors Department


It is recommended that the client should learn about operating conditions and mechanisms governing financial markets, assess the related risks, and use all means necessary for the proper understanding of these mechanisms prior to making any investment or disinvestment decision. While making investment decisions, the investor must be aware that certain assets present significant risks.

Montpensier Finance advises investors to take the necessary time to determine the suitability of an investment with regards to financial wealth, and to define the diversified distribution of assets in accordance with objectives, limitations (including regulatory limitations), and investment horizon.

The shorter the horizon,  the less risks should be taken.  The investor must also check the investment horizon of the UCITS, and the investment category as specified in the prospectus.

The decision to invest takes into account all the characteristics, objectives and risks of the UCITS as described in the prospectus, the KID and the SFDR pre-contractual document, where applicable, which should be referred to before making any final investment decision.