Investing for a sustainable future

Montpensier Finance is a French entrepreneurial asset management company that has been strengthened by a number of talented individuals over the past few years. It is 75% owned by its management and 25% by Amundi.

Assets under management exceed €3.5 billion. The funds are managed in a collegial manner by experienced teams using proprietary methods that integrate ESG criteria and our commitment to responsibility. SRI is at the heart of its processes.

This is the conviction of Montpensier Finance, based on a long experience of investment, an entrepreneurial culture and a responsible commitment.

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Our methods


Strategic global method


The MMS (Montpensier Market Scan) method allows management teams to rely on 4 main pillars of analysis.


Method by type of assets

–  Large & mid caps: Business Models method;

– Large & mid caps Europe: Great Models method;

– Large & mid caps Europe and International : ThematiX solutions

– Small & mid caps: Square method;

– Convertible bonds: Convert method;




Our proprietary methods are at the heart of the equity investment process. They combine extended exclusion lists and dedicated tools such as the Montpensier Impact Assessment method which allows us to analyse the impact of companies according to the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Our values

Performance is born from the combination of talent and method

To invest in a complex world, our managers work as a team and use our methods and analytical tools, which have been developed over many years and are constantly being enhanced.

Faced with the three major current trends – protean globalisation, irresistible digitalisation and increasing regulation – we combine our bottom-up and top-down visions in our investment processes. This differentiating angle is decisive in detecting the growth potential of a company, understanding its life cycle, analysing its valuation and thus selecting the most promising investment vehicles.

Every day, we seek to anticipate and detect the major trends in international markets and attractive themes.

Our permanent priority is to devote all our expertise and resources to our clients in order to achieve the best performance and offer them the best service.

Our DNA is resolutely "Investor driven" and SRI

Our collegial, qualitative and quantitative approach provides our managers with a solid foundation in a rapidly changing financial environment.

At Montpensier Finance, we are convinced that extra-financial criteria – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – are long-term performance drivers for companies. Our role as an investor is to favour companies that have chosen to have a positive impact on the world in which we live, while creating value. A the end of 2022, 95% of our open-ended funds are labeled and 67% have SFDR 9 classification.

We integrate environmental, social and governance criteria that are essential to better take into account long-term perspectives and invest in a 21st century characterised by the greater involvement of civil society. This is how we created the Fondation Montpensier.

The labels*

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greenfin label
* The Best Business Models SRI fund is SRI and Towards Sustainability labelled.
The Great European Models SRI, Quadrator SRI, Aesculape SRI, M Sport Solutions SRI, Improving European Models SRI, M Convertibles SRI, M Global Convertibles SRI and M Cloud Leaders SRI funds are SRI labelled.
The M Climate Solutions fund is Greenfin, Towards Sustainability labelled and SRI labelled.

Our solutions