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Advanced Small Caps Euro

ISIN: FR0013293099


Notations (IC)

5 Etoiles Quantalys
4 étoiles Morningstar

Small Caps

Eurozone Equity



Investment horizon

Longer than 5 years




5 years performance


Risk Indicator - SRI

Advanced Small Caps Euro is a Eurozone equity fund with a focus on small caps, PEA-PME eligible, focusing on growth stocks on 4 macro trends :

  • Better Life
  • Lifestyle
  • Smart Resources
  • Digital Impact

complemented by value opportunities in the 4 themes with portfolio construction driven by a proven proprietary methodology.


The decision to invest takes into account all the characteristics, objectives and risks of the UCITS as described in its regulatory documentation : prospectus, KID, SFDR pre-contractual document if applicable, which should be referred to before making any final investment decision.

Data refers to elapsed years. Past performances do not represent a reliable indicator of future performances. The UCITS presents a risk of capital loss.

As of 31st decembre 2022, MorningstarTM rating are not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or timely, and concern funds’ capitalisation share classes.

As of 31st december 2022, Quantalys rating are not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or timely, and concern funds’ capitalisation share classes.

Better Life

People want to improve their well-being and health throughout their lives.


Consumers are constantly “on-line” and quickly adopt new societal trends and behaviours.

Smart Resources

The urgency of sustainable development requires a transformation in the management of energy and environmental resources.

Digital Impact

The digitalization of business processes and production methods creates new business models.

The objective of Advanced Small Caps Euro is to outperform the EuroStoxx Small Net Return (SCXT) index calculated with dividends reinvested, net of management fees, over the recommended investment period of 5 years, through a portfolio with a minimum of 60% exposure to Eurozone equities and a discretionary “bottom-up” management approach favouring the intrinsic quality of securities.

ISIN: FR0013293099








Lower risk

Higher risk


The risk indicator assumes that you hold the product for 5 years.
The real risk may be very different if you opt to exit before the end of the recommended holding period, and you may get less in return. You risk selling your product at a price that will significantly affect the amount you receive in return. 

→ Risk of loss of capital : the fund does not offer any guarantee of performance nor capital.

→ Risk associated with discretionary investment management : risk that the fund is not always invested in the best-performing equities.

→ Equity risk : equity markets may vary sharply, and drop significantly in particular. Furthermore, the fund may invest up to 100% of net assets in small-caps, which may present additional risks due to their specific characteristics.

→ Sustainability risk : the UCITS is exposed to the risk that an environmental, social or governance event or situation, if it occurs, may have a material adverse effect, actual or potential, on the value of the portfolio securities.

→ Other risks : derivatives market risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, convertible bonds risk, default risk, foreign exchange market risk, liquidity risk.

Risks are detailed in the prospectus.

Inception date

21 december 2017

Legal Status

UCITS V French-law compliant FCP

AMF Classification

Euro zone equities

PEA eligible (France only)




ISIN codes

FR0013293099 (Advanced Small Caps Euro IC), FR0013293107 (Advanced Small Caps Euro ID), FR0013293115 (Advanced Small Caps Euro RC), FR0013293123 (Advanced Small Caps Euro RD)


Refer to the prospectus and each fund share’s KID in the “download documents” box above.

Investment management company

Montpensier Finance


Caceis Bank France


Daily (Caceis Fund Admin)


Refer to the prospectus and contact the banking institution that handled the order.

Investment horizon

Longer than 5 years

Approved for distribution in



Caceis Bank

Transfer Agent

Caceis Bank, Luxembourg branch