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Aesculape SRI – Better Health, classified SFDR 9,  is a thematic global equity fund, Investing in European, American and Asian companies fully exposed to the health industry, focused on innovative treatments and services and benefiting from secular growth trends. This fund is fully in line with the sustainable theme of the United Nations SDG 3.

Its management is based on a proprietary and dynamic method: the Aesculape method, which includes ESG criteria. 


The decision to invest takes into account all the characteristics, objectives and risks of the UCITS as described in its regulatory documentation : prospectus, KID, SFDR pre-contractual document if applicable, which should be referred to before making any final investment decision.

Data refers to elapsed years. Past performances do not represent a reliable indicator of future performances. The UCITS presents a risk of capital loss.

Aesculape SRI - Better Health

The health sector represents a market globally estimated at $8,500 billion, i.e. around 10% of world GDP, with strong structural growth. The average annual growth rate is around 8%.  

The health sector is on the verge of a revolution:  

In the face of these major trends, we believe that there are three key drivers:

→ Time gain thanks to molecular diagnosis or the pathogens, highlighted by Covid-19.
→ Identification of biomarkers, especially in oncology.
→ Imaging integrating the use of artificial intelligence and treatment algorithms.

→ Revolution of mRNA through the pandemic can be applied in cancers.
→ Development of antibodies engineering (ADC, bispecific, CART-T) replacing monoclonal antibodies.
→Development of genetic and cellular therapies to restore defficient functionalities.

→ Multiplicity of modalities and the complexity of the process favor outsourcing.
→ Focus on laboratories with strong franchise who are capable to meet public budgets.

The objective is to select international companies actively involved in the health theme

Our approach to managing this fund is to combine structural and stock picking themes


Stock Picking

→ Identification of three structural vectors

→ Analysis of the political and reglementary trends

→ Surveillance on the fusion movements and sector acquisitions

→ Investing in today’s and tomorrow’s leaders

→ Quality management with a long term vision

→ Factual validation of the investment thesis and thematic

The stocks in the portfolio are analysed using a dual approach: the Aesculape method, and our proprietary SRI analysis methodologyMontpensier Governance Flag (MGF), and Montpensier Impact Assessment (MIA).

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The objective of the fund is to participate in the rise and fall of the global equity markets, with a preponderance of OECD countries, by investing at least 75% of the net assets of the fund in equities of companies whose activities are exposed to health, integrating ESG criteria in the selection and analysis process of the securities in the portfolio The Fund will invest mainly in equities and similar instruments up to a minimum of 75%, through a discretionary Bottom Up management approach favouring the search for intrinsic quality of securities.

The aim of taking ESG criteria into account within the fund is to combine financial performance with the desire to influence issuers positively, as far as possible, in terms of ESG performance, by encouraging companies to make progress in integrating ESG criteria into their activities, thereby enhancing good practice.

The extra-financial approach implemented is part of a sustainability risk mitigation objective, although it cannot guarantee that sustainability risks are completely neutralised.

ISIN: FR00140032U2








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The risk indicator assumes that you hold the product for 5 years.
The real risk may be very different if you opt to exit before the end of the recommended holding period, and you may get less in return. You risk selling your product at a price that will significantly affect the amount you receive in return. 

→ Risk of loss of capital: the fund does not provide any guarantee of performance or capital.

→ Discretionary management risk: risk that the Fund is not invested in the best performing equities at all times.

→ Equity risk: the equity markets may fluctuate significantly and may even fall significantly. In addition, the Fund invests up to 25% of its net assets in small caps, which due to their specific characteristics may present risks for investors.

→ Sector concentration risk: risk of losses linked to the concentration of the portfolio in the sector of securities directly or indirectly linked to health. If this sector declines, the net asset value of the fund may fall faster and more sharply than the equity markets, and may be more volatile.

→ Sustainability risk: the Fund is exposed to the risk that an environmental, social or governance event or situation, if it occurs, may have a significant actual or potential negative impact on the value of the portfolio securities.

→ Currency risk: the risk that the net asset value of the fund will fall if exchange rates change, with exposure to currency risk being up to 100% of the net assets.

→ Other risks: liquidity risk, risk related to the use of derivatives, risk of investing in emerging markets, interest rate risk, credit risk, risk related to speculative securities, risk related to convertible bonds, counterparty risk.

Risks are detailed in the prospectus.

Inception date

12 july 2021

Legal status

UCITS IV French-law compliant FCP

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Global Equities

PEA eligible (France only)




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FR00140032U2 (Aesculape IC)


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Caceis Bank France


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