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1. General informations

This website is the property of Montpensier Finance SAS company, having a capital of 1 867 840 euros, register to “Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris” under the number 417 539 681, which headquarter is located 58, avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris.

2. Informations warning

Montpensier finance tries to insure, to the best of it capabilities, the exactness and the accuracy of the information held within this website. It reserves the right to correct it, at anytime, and with no prior notice. However, Montpensier Finance cannot guarantee the exactness, the precision, or the completeness of the information/data held at the disposal on this website. Montpensier Finance warns the reader that it belong to him to verify information by other means, including contacting Montpensier Finance.

Therefore, Montpensier Finance rejects any responsibility:

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Morningstar® Analyst Rating™: Morningstar. All Rights Reserved. The information, data, analyses, and opinions contained herein (1) include the proprietary information of Morningstar, (2) may not be copied or redistributed, (3) do not constitute investment advice offered by Morningstar, (4) are provided solely for informational purposes and therefore are not an offer to buy or sell a security, and (5) are not warranted to be correct, complete, or accurate. Morningstar shall not be responsible for any trading decisions, damages, or other losses resulting from, or related to, this information, data, analyses, or opinions or their use. The Morningstar Analyst Rating™ is subjective in nature and reflects Morningstar’s current expectations of future events/behaviour as they relate to a particular fund. Because such events/behaviour may turn out to be different than expected, Morningstar does not guarantee that a fund will perform in line with its Morningstar Analyst Rating. Likewise, the Morningstar Analyst Rating should not be seen as any sort of guarantee or assessment of the creditworthiness of a fund or of its underlying securities and should not be used as the sole basis for making any investment decision.

3. Global warning on products and services

Information and documentations held within this website do not constitute offer to sell any product or services, or any kind of purchase request, sale’s proposal, or investment’s advice in assets or in other management and investment products.

There are published with an informative purpose only, and therefore are non-binding.

It is recommended that the reader, prior to taking any investment decision, study the operating conditions and mechanisms governing the financial markets, evaluate the related risks, and use all means necessary to understand these mechanisms. In all investments decision he must be aware that some assets have a high risk component.

THE FIGURES MENTIONED CONCERN PAST YEARS. PAST PERFORMANCES ARE NO GUARANTEE OF CURRENT OR FUTURE RESULTS. There is no guarantee in future performances or on capital, which might not be returned integrally.

It is highly recommended, before any investment decision, to READ CAREFULLY THE UCITS PROSPECTUS. Montpensier Finance recommend investor to take the time needed to establish its investment in adequation to its personal assets, and to define the diversified allocation of its assets according to its objectives, needs, obligations -including legal ones-, and to the term of its investment. The shorter the term is, the less risky the investment should be. He must also verify the term and the range category of the UCITS investments specified in the UCITS prospectus.

Anyone interested by receiving complementary documentations, such as risk information, and products and/or services characteristics, may contact the Sales department of Montpensier Finance.

The products displayed on the Montpensier Finance’s website can be commercialized under the contractual conditions, the applicable rules and prices at the time of the subscription.

It belongs to anybody interested, to prior verify towards its usual advisors that its national and fiscal status allow him to subscribe UCITS parts or stocks displayed on this website.

4. Warning

UCITS investment held risks. It is recommended to be previously well informed before any investment decision. The UCITS parts’ value reflecting the value of detained assets, there are submit to financial market variations. The figures mentioned concern past years. Past performances are no guarantee of current or future results.

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