Montpensier Finance and Amundi strengthen their partnership

2 September 2020

To accelerate its international development, Montpensier Finance is strengthening its links with its historic industrial partner, the Amundi Group.


Montpensier Finance has been partnering for several years for its operations, on the tools, PMS Alto, and services of Amundi Services.

Following a capital increase to accelerate the international development of Montpensier Finance, Amundi owns 25% of Montpensier Finance along with shareholder management to the tune of 75%. Guillaume Dard, President, is the majority shareholder of Montpensier Finance.

With its Investor Driven DNAentrepreneurial culture, and responsible commitment, Montpensier Finance will continue to develop, autonomously for its investor clients, its funds and its SRI expertise.

Montpensier Finance teams will thus continue, with their proprietary management methods, the development of their relationships with investors in the field of equity, convertible bonds and multi-asset management.

The recognition provided by the Amundi Group, Europe’s leading asset manager, as a shareholder, will enable Montpensier Finance to accelerate its international development towards major European and Asian investors.

Amundi’s entry into the capital of Montpensier Finance is making a strategic investment in a high-performing asset management company, recognized as a premium brand, in the areas of European SRI equities and convertible bonds with institutional investors and family offices.

About Montpensier Finance.

In the first half of 2020, Montpensier Finance experienced a positive net inflow, and its management assets, above EUR 2 billion, are above their level at the end of 2019.

The performance of its funds has been appreciated by investors, as has its main fund’s success, Best Business Models SRI, shows.

Montpensier Finance is a French entrepreneurial management company, developed since 2004 by a seasoned team, chaired by Guillaume Dard and strengthened by many talents in recent years.

Its teams develop a triple management expertise: European Equities, Convertible Bonds, Multi-Asset. Funds are managed collegially by experienced teams using proprietary methods that incorporate ESG criteria and SRI / responsible commitment.

Montpensier Finance, investing for a sustainable future.


About Amundi.

As Europe’s leading asset manager among the world’s top 10 players, Amundi offers its 100 million clients – individuals, institutions and companies – a full range of savings and investment solutions in active and passive management, traditional or real assets.